Russ Roca @

Friends Russ and Laura have just pedaled across the country and taken Amtrak from MA to OR, and are now wintering in Portland. (The only explanation I can figure is that they really, really love getting good use out of their fenders and shopping for rain pants.)

You’d think that there would be some sort of relaxation and rest involved after more than a year of pretty much nonstop pedaling and traveling and the like. But no.  After a week or two in Portland, Russ is already adding value to the already bustling Portland bike scene by producing Pedal People, a series that profiles Portland bike folks. Check out this one about Geoff Franklin of Walnut Designs, who creates the coolest leather accessories for bikes, including my favorite, the Portage Strap, which caused BikeSnobNYC to coin a brilliant new word, ‘dandycross.’

Congrats to Russ for hitting the ground running in Portland. Try to stay dry.