Long Beach Bikeways Opening Celebration — April 23

Come downtown for the grand opening celebration and a family bike ride on Saturday, April 23rd. The fun starts at 11:00 am. Meet at the downtown Promenade.

Long Beach will inaugurate two separated bikeways—one along Broadway, the other along 3rd Street—designed to provide a pleasant, new way for the entire family to cycle when in downtown Long Beach.

The official ceremony will be held at noon.

Click to enlarge the map. Click to enlarge the Grand Opening poster for more details.

CicLAvía—City streets closed to motorized traffic

The second Los Angeles CicLAvía took place on April 10th. Click on photos to enlarge them.

During five hours, a 7-mile route running through downtown Los Angeles was closed off to motorized traffic. As reported in the Los Angeles Times, more than 100-thousand cyclists, skaters and joggers enjoyed the free event. Don’t miss the next CicLAvía!

The route ran east or west through downtown L.A.  Cyclists could go either direction and back and forth. The route led through Little Tokyo… across the 4th Street Bridge… as far east as Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights. The route also led through an amazing stretch of downtown skyscrapers and intensity… past MacArthur Park… as far west as the Bicycle Kitchen close to Melrose and the 101.

The absence of motorized traffic makes for a delightful city experience; happy chatting and laughter rather than roaring engines and fumes. We saw cyclists of all ages and skill levels. There were numerous cafés along the route, so it was easy to find a perfect place to sit outside for lunch and to soak in the delightful spectacle. Wow!

Along the route, we saw numerous friends from Long Beach, and no doubt missed many more of you who were there as well.

In photos to the right, Bernard of Cyclone Coasters in Long Beach says hello to L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

To the left, hello Scott and Jessica. Hello Stacie. Many friends and new friends.

CicLAvia — Sunday, April 10th

A route of Los Angeles streets will be closed to motorized traffic Sunday, April 10th, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The Los Angeles CicLAvia means free, family-friendly cycling, jogging, and strolling through downtown L.A.  (This will be L.A.’s second one!) CicLAvia is not a race. It’s a fun opportunity to enjoy L.A. on your bicycle! The route takes you past L.A. City Hall, heading west to the Bicycle Kitchen (northwest of MacArthur Park)… or east to Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights. You can start anywhere along the route. You can head in either direction. You can stop anywhere you like. You’re sure to come across friends or discover a new, favorite café.

Many folks from the Long Beach area will head up to L.A. on the Metro Blue Line, timing themselves to arrive in L.A. by about 10:00 am. Click on the map to see route specifics.

For more information, go to www.cicLAvia.org, or contact info@cicLAvia.org.

Bixby Park—Saturday, March 19

See you at Bixby Park for an easy, family-oriented neighborhood bike ride on Saturday, March 19th, departing at 10:00 am.

Then, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, also at Bixby Park, join the community workshop to update the Long Beach Bicycle Master Plan. Your suggestions and observations will be noted by staff of the Department of Public Works.

Bixby Park is located between Cherry and Junipero, and between Ocean Blvd. and Broadway.

If the opportunity to participate in a fun bike ride and to provide City planners with your input about cycling infrastructure isn’t incentive enough… here’s one more goodie to sweeten the pot: There will be free Mc’Coffee.

It occurs to us that this Saturday you could enjoy a particularly Buzzy Day in a coffee-tasting way. We suggest that you buy various cups of coffee at several of our favorite local cafés (including coffee from Hot Java and from the Park Pantry—both across the street from Bixby Park—and from Portfolio Coffeehouse on Fourth at Junipero)… and then enjoy some free McCoffee as part of the community workshop. After the workshop, you could then cycle over to Sipology #2 on Broadway at Temple… and then cycle around the rest of the day to a dozen other great, locally-owned cafés. No… wait… you should NOT sip that much coffee in one day. Better to do your coffee tasting little by little. So… scratch the Buzzy Day idea. This Saturday, would you care for some McCoffee?

The final Bicycle Master Plan Update community meeting will take place at the Mark Twain Library (1401 E. Anaheim), Wednesday, March 23rd, 6:00-8:00 pm.

Request for input to Bicycle Master Plan update

Attend an upcoming public meeting to provide your input regarding cycling in Long Beach. The Long Beach Department of Public Works is holding meetings in many neighborhoods to solicit input about updating the Bicycle Master Plan.

The City has scheduled nine public sessions to request input during January, February and March. Also, the City will sponsor free bike rides prior to five of those public meetings.

To view details (dates, times, locations) about meetings 1-5, click on the LEFT. (Bicycle Master Plan workshops at Lowell Elementary School, First Congregational Church, Silverado Park, Coolidge Park and Los Altos Library.)

To view details (dates, times, locations) about meetings 6-9, click on the RIGHT. (Bicycle Master Plan workshops at El Dorado Park, Bixby Knolls, Bixby Park and Mark Twain Library.)

To view details about free bike rides starting at Lowell Elementary School and Silverado Park, click on the LEFT.

To view details about free bike rides starting at El Dorado Park, Bixby Knolls and Bixby Park, click on the RIGHT.

For more information, contact Courtney Aguirre at (562) 570-6667.


Traffic Skills for Cyclists, Wednesday Dec. 15

Now is a great time to sign up for the next, free, two-session Traffic Skills 101 course. Participants meet at the CSULB Pyramid Annex for one evening classroom session, then meet once again on their bicycles the following weekend for several daylight hours of practice and sharing of observations while cycling legally and safely in traffic. Instructors are LCI certified.

You need to sign up online in advance. Go to EDUCATION at the top of the longbeachcyclists.com web page for details, for schedule, and for the registration link. The next in-class session is Wednesday, December 15th at 6:00 pm.

There are many good reasons to take the Traffic Skills 101 course. It’s smart to know your road rights and responsibilities, and to always cycle safely and legally. Another great reason to take the course is that it is a prerequesite for serving as a board member of Long Beach Cyclists—you are encouraged to consider becoming one of the organization’s leaders in coming months. Our first board was elected in March of 2010; soon perhaps a new group of individuals will want to lead our organization. Step up and make it happen.

Bad Idea Ride—Sunday night into Monday morning

First off, this ride is a bad idea. You probably shouldn’t go on it. It will be the middle of the night, and you’ll be useless the next day. There are no buses or trains to save you, and only 7-11s and donut shops to feed on. Only nine riders survived last year. With that being said…

November 21st, meeting at Eleven-Forty Five, just before midnight, is Long Beach Cyclists’ Second Annual (and maybe last) Full Moon Ride. This ride will take us up the San Gabriel River to El Monte, along the Rio Hondo until it meets up with the LA River, and finally back home on Long Beach’s own Beach Path.

It’s 50 miles cycling under a full moon. It’s November. It could be cold and could be rainy. And there are coyotes and vicious owls. If you’re going to ignore my advice and come along on the ride, we recommend having a well-working bicycle. One that doesn’t creak and ache. One that you know how to fix, or one that won’t break. You are responsible for yourself (hey, just like in real life!)

Lights are a must. No lights, no ride. We’ll send you home. Seriously. Helmets are strongly encouraged.

We’ll probably stop at Denny’s when we’re done — if we finish…

Sunday, November 21st @ 11:45PM… until Monday, November 22nd before sunrise
Meet at Belmont Pier
Ride leaves at Midnight

Get there at 12:01 to see our tail lights in the distance.

View Bad Idea in a larger map

Thank you D Dougherty for organizing this great ride!

Bicycling in Long Beach, the most friendly

news has spread throughout the Long Beach cycling community, indeed beyond the city’s borders, of the immediate crack-down of the most recent Long Beach Critical Mass ride.

let it be noted here, now, that Long Beach Cyclists has no stance for, nor against the Critical Mass rides which take place all over the country and around the world in many metropolitan areas. what we do stand for is abiding by all traffic laws just as motorists must. “Same Roads. Same Rights. Same Responsibilities.” you can read all about the CA vehicle code as it concerns bicycles and their drivers here [LINK]. and though it’s not a legal requirement for those of us over the age of 17, we strongly recommend the proper use of helmets while biking. I, Travis Bos, current vice-pres of this organization, do not bike without one.

if you don’t know what happened with October 29th’s Critical Mass you can read the articles already published by others here (LA Times), here (P-T), here (PedalMovement.com), and here (MashLBC.com). don’t forget to read the comments, of which there are many. this is very important dialogue occurring among cyclists.

it’s a dialogue which will be brought to Long Beach’s City Hall this Tuesday, November 9th at 5pm. our friends at PedalMovement are organizing a group to go before city council to express their concerns over this most recent clash of cyclists and non-cyclists. please, let this not be characterized as a march on city hall with picket signs and shouting and anger. these are honest citizens looking to express their concerns with a perceived contradiction in the policies and actions of “the most bicycle friendly city in America.”

PedalMovement’s plan is to meet in Lincoln Park (broadway/pacific) an hour before the council meeting to organize, clarify and galvanize their efforts. everyone will be wearing green as they step up to the podium to talk about issues such as a Cyclist’s Bill of Rights.

Ronnie Sandlin, spokesman for this issue for PedalMovement, has given his phone number for contact (562 243 2448) if you would like to be more involved. if you’d like to show up in support of bicycling in Long Beach, please remember to wear green.

CicLAvia Ride through Los Angeles on 10-10-10

The 10th of October… 10-10-10, is a GREAT day for a bike ride! CicLAvia means the City of Los Angeles closes more than seven miles of roads to motorized traffic. It lasts from 10 am to 3 pm.—five hours of easy, urban cycling! This isn’t a race. There’s no fee to participate. Just show up on your bike and enjoy!

Head up to Los Angeles—perhaps take the Blue Line Metro to get to the downtown area—then join the fun. (A number of Long Beach Cyclists will depart from Long Beach Transit Mall aboard the Blue Line at 8:30 am, aiming to meet up with friends in L.A. from the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition so that a larger group of us can ride together. Accompany us or meet us there!) You can cycle CicLAvia in either direction. The route runs through downtown L.A.  To the west, the route reaches to the Bicycle Kitchen in East Hollywood. To the east, the route reaches to Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights. Just think: No cars to deal with except at a relatively small number of intersections. See CicLAvia.wordpress.com for more information. Click on the map on the right to have a look at route specifics.

The ciclovía (see-clo-VEE-uh) concept is popular in numerous Latin American countries and in Europe. For example, Ecuadorian cyclists enjoy a fantastic circuit across Quito, the capital city… ONCE A WEEK throughout the year! Let’s be glad this ciclovía is L.A.’s first one, and hope it’s not L.A.’s last one!

Is Daily Cycling the Secret to Long Life?

In a cover story in today’s Long Beach Press Telegram, Doug Krikorian writes about Naples resident Jack Thacker, 96 years old, who rides several hours a day, currently from his home to the Queen Mary and back each day.  Could we attribute his longevity to his spending a couple hours a day in the saddle, pedalling through our gorgeous city? Of course we could. I’m not saying we are, mind you, but we could.

Of course, Mr Thacker also drinks two glasses of wine a day. Maybe THAT’s the secret. Who knows? Just read the article and see for yourself.