CicLAvia – 10 April 2011

CicLAvia April 10, 2011
CicLAvia was a hit on 10-10-10 and is coming back to the streets of LA in early April!
Sunday, April 10 of two-thousand eleven: 10am-3pm
Boyle Heights, Downtown, West Hollywood

get your CicLAvia route info HERE
there’s a full-page flier for handing out HERE
find all the info you want/need on the CicLAvia webpages

also! join a number of cyclists trying to show the popularity of this event (and possibly get the route extended) in South LA. (facebook event here)
they’re meeting at Exposition Park’s Olympic swim stadium at 8.30am.

tonight in the east village (12 mar 2011)

the second saturday art walk is (finally) expanding beyond the boundaries of Linden Ave between 1st/Broadway! find all kinds of events to check out tonight around the East Village of Downtown Long Beach from Lyon’s, Fingerprints, LBFG/citygrounds, all of the Phantom Galleries, and of course the usual bits!

bike down and find free bike valet provided by bikestation on 1st near LBFG/citygrounds AND at Lyon’s on 4th/Linden. let someone else watch your bike while you walk around and enjoy some local art, music, coffee and et ceteras.

Mardi Gras

Saturday, March 5
12:00pm – 10:00pm
Meet at Bubba Gumps
(87 Aquarium Way)
look for Bernard of Cyclone Coaster
Cyclists from around Long Beach will be taking part in this year’s Mardi Gras parade. let’s join ‘em!
it’s free.
it’s for everyone.
it’s a blast ‘n a half.

3rd St & Broadway

the separated bike lane project for 3rd St & Broadway in downtown LB continue on with a revised schedule.

the construction officially begins Monday, Jan 31 and will continue throughout February. the project is scheduled for completion by Friday, Mar 11. if you’ve ever hiesitated biking downtown because of traffic these new (experimental for LB) lanes will be similar to the beach path. because these lanes are considered experimental cyclists will not be required to use them. if you feel confident mixing it up with vehicular traffic, by all means, continue on. this glorious state of ours has no mandatory use laws for sidepaths ( Read more…

Bike Friendliness and Bike Registration

If you haven’t already seen it, this LB Press Telegram article deals with the question of Bike Registration — at the Critical Mass ride, bikes without registrations were confiscated. For most riders, this is the only ‘use’ for registration that we’ve seen — while bike registration is supposed to help in the event of your bike being stolen, in practice that’s not how it works. Last year, Dominic investigated the issue of bike registration and thoroughly debunked the myth of its usefulness. Check out his important post here. This is why other major cities have scuttled their bike registration programs, and why Long Beach is now considering a similar action.

With city registration proven useless for its ostensible purpose — protecting owners against loss of bikes — it shines the spotlight more brightly than before on the only real way to ensure you get your bike back when stolen…. um…. oh. I have it: don’t get your bike stolen. Make sure you have your bike properly locked. There’s lots of online resources available to the person bold enough to google ‘lock bike’ but you could do far worse than this article by the late, great legend Sheldon Brown.

Portland State Finds Bike Boxes Work

You may remember that Long Beach installed some Bike Boxes last December, on Second Street at Marina and at Bayshore. And as with all questions of bike infrastructure, reception among cyclists and advocates was mixed. The boxes were lauded by some as important improvements sure to increase cyclist safety. Others saw the boxes as a welcome sign that the city was taking steps to support cyclists, even if they weren’t sure the boxes would actually improve things. Still others decried the boxes, thinking them counterproductive, sure to make things more confusing and more dangerous for cyclists.

All of these opinions are currently moot, because with the recent resurfacing work on 2nd, the Boxes (and all other road markings) have disappeared.

While we wait to see whether the boxes make a return, researchers at Portland State have studied the effects of Portland’s many recent bike box installations, and they have concluded the bike boxes improve safety. Read this detailed post at to learn all about the study and its findings, and let us know what you think about Bike Boxes.