Will the Gerald Desmond Bridge Be a Gateway for Bicyclists and Peds?

Brian Ulaszewski reports from LBPOST in favor of linking non motorists to San Pedro Basin from Long Beach

Please join Long Beach Cyclists for the public meeting at City Hall September 28, 2010 at 3:30pm.


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2 Responses to “Will the Gerald Desmond Bridge Be a Gateway for Bicyclists and Peds?”

  • Comment from Lee

    Are you allowed to ride your bike in one of the regular lanes, just as you would anywhere else? Or are bikes banned from the bridges? This is one area where separate area for bikes would seem to be mandated, even for die-hard VC folks. Die-hard VC folks? Am I wrong?

    I wonder if we can get a handle on when this actual issue will be discussed. As we know from experience, the City Council meetings can go on for a long time. Is this meeting SPECIFICALLY to address the bridge issue? I’d hate to take time off work and sit around while they talk about non-bridge issues.

    Lastly, there’s been a lot of opinion expressed at the LB Post and at the LA Streetsblog, when this issue has come up in the past, where the idea of bikes and peds on the bridges has been scoffed at. We are told there’s no reason for bikes on the bridges because there’s no reason for bikes on Terminal Island. And then we are told that it’s just crazy to ride with all those huge trucks. But when we go along with the folks taking these stands and ask how else to get to San Pedro, we are referred to Anaheim St. Of course, Anaheim St is out of the way, it is just as clogged with huge trucks, and the roadway is often in poor condition from all the heavy truck traffic.

    Perhaps as important as the transportation angle is that riding a bike or walking as a ped on these bridges would be a HUGE thing from a tourism and Port public relations point of view. A lot of what makes the Golden Gate Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge loom so large in the public mind is the way you can experience these bridges on foot and on bike. And seeing the huge port complexes and oil refineries and the water, and the PV Peninsula and Long Beach and Catalina all laid out to either side… it would be a pretty cool experience. People training for marathons would walk and run across the bridges. Cyclists would ride across the spans as part of their centuries. It would be attractive because of the long distances you could go without having to stop for stoplights and traffic, etc…

  • Comment from travis

    meeting tuesday, september 28 at city hall? i’ll be there.

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