FMR—Farmers Market Ride, Sun Apr 25

“Oh my gosh!  There’s that silly bicycle again!”

                    ”Yes, once again it’s time for the FMR.”

“The FMR. The second and fourth Sundays.”

                    ”Yep! A fun ride and great fresh fruit and vegetables!”

“I already know the drill. I’m supposed to click on the stamp at the right, right?”

                    ”You betcha. Click on the postage stamp, and see you Sunday.

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5 Responses to “FMR—Farmers Market Ride, Sun Apr 25”

  • Comment from Vegetablarian

    Who is that amazingly talented artist who created the drawing of the bicycle made of a tomato, two carrots, and a head of lettuce?

  • Comment from LBCyclists

    The amazing gentleman who created the image is a photographer, and, we agree, he is very talented. His image of the tomato-carrots-lettuce bike is NOT a drawing. It is a photograph. What you see is a photo of the very bicycle he rides with us every other week during the FMR ride.

  • Comment from Vegetablarian

    I have another question: Is it really a head of lettuce?

  • Comment from LBCyclists

    During the next FMR ride—they come up every other week, second and fourth Sundays—one of us will ride behind him, and at an intersection, when we stop, one of us will reach over and snag some of what looks like the wheel of lettuce to taste it. If the wheel turns out to be cabbage rather than lettuce, or something even more exotic than cabbage, we’ll let you know. And, while we’re at it, one of us will lick the curly-looking thing that appears to be his handlebars. Perhaps what we are seeing is a sprig of blue Dr. Seuss branch.

  • Comment from Lee


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