Support a Bike-to-Work Day Pit Stop—May 20

Local businesses may wish to have a presence at one of the three Bike-to-Work Day pit stops. Several weeks from now, Thursday morning, May 20th, there will be cyclist pit stops in three locations around town. One pit stop will be set up near City Hall, another pit stop will be located near Jones Bicycles on Second Street, and another pit stop will be set up at CSULB.

Volunteers from Long Beach Cyclists will be at the pit stop on Second Street.

At the tables, we like to have water and other goodies for sharing, and we love to chat with everyone. If you would like to be a pit stop volunteer, or if your business might have something you’d like to donate for handing out at one of the pit stops, let Long Beach Cyclists know.

During the entire month of May, everyone in Long Beach is encouraged to cycle for healthy living and fun. The May calendar is sprinkled with cycling-related activities of many types. Make sure YOUR bike has air in the tires and its brakes are adjusted. This month, LOTS of people will be out on the streets of Long Beach enjoying a bike ride. Join us!