A Weekend of Touring Through San Luis Obispo

Yummy food, wine tasting, picnics, new friends, sun tan, a heck of a head wind, ‘Carlos’, t-shirts and shorts, ‘Milk Shakes’, fishing…

This was a huge success for Long Beach Cyclists; our first group bike tour!  Thank you to everyone who put in their time and energy to get the trip planned and successfully executed.  Now, when is the next one?

More Images?… come to our bike meeting on Wednesday night April 7th!

Michael, Laura, Oscar (aka Carlos) and Shawn at Lopez Lake

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6 Responses to “A Weekend of Touring Through San Luis Obispo”

  • Comment from Lee

    Oh, very cool!

    Everyone looks so damn happy and… and… COLD! It was so hot in the LBC this weekend, I kind of assumed it was hot everywhere.

    It’s great to have so many photos up so soon, and to see in graphic detail all the fun I missed out on.

  • Comment from bmckeever

    Cold only in the morning Lee, than very warm by 11 am! You didn’t miss much ; )

  • Comment from Saneya

    Chicken- your pictures are great. You’re a photographic dreamweaver. Thanks for the magic.

  • Comment from Michael Bos

    I had a WONDERFUL time! Thanks to those who organized various aspects of the weekend. It was great to ride and chat with old friends and new friends. I love bike travel via the Amtrak Surfliner… we had a great meal in SLO… then we cycled to picturesque Montaña de Oro… near the ocean, yet hidden within a narrow valley… a fine place for camping, with a climb that gave us a memorable view of Morro Bay. The next day we cycled a stretch where racers were doing a double century… (a group of about ten of them TRIED to draft off my bicycle for ten minutes or so, but couldn’t keep up with this old guy and my panniers and happy frame of mind). We climbed up to Lopez Lake, a lake beyond a dam, and that brought us into a world of wild turkeys, deer, what else? No sag wagon for us! We carry all we need on our bicycles. We’re urban cyclists… yet we can climb any hill… we love the cute towns along the way… we can sleep beneath the stars… wow! And the last day, we did an easy elevation drop to sea level, many of us to catch a southbound train back to L.A. Again, great job y’all! Thanks! Michael.

  • Comment from shaun

    Wow, that was an amazing fun time. Thanks everyone who helped organized this trip. I’m now hooked on bike camping and can’t wait till the next trip.

  • Comment from Donald Moore

    Micheal, you said it all!
    Thanks Amanda, Micheal and Kevin for a great ride.
    When do we do this again?