Laura and Russ of Long Beach… now in Austin, Texas

Have you been following the cycling adventures of Laura and Russ?

Laura and Russ lived here in Long Beach, but since August have been off on a cycling-life adventure they call Path Less Pedaled. On March 13, 2010, they report that they have cycled into Austin, Texas!

You can see many dozens of photos and read plenty about people Laura and Russ meet and what they are learning. Read their blog at

Laura and Russ started their adventure last summer in Oregon, then Washington. Later they headed south to steer around the colder reaches of winter.

Tucson, Arizona is home of the Bicas cooperative. (It’s great that here in Long Beach our own bike-repair cooperative, the H.U.B., will celebrate its grand opening soon!)

Back in November, Laura and Russ passed through Yosemite, and before that San Francisco and redwood country.

One of the ways they can afford to travel so long is by working… on the road. Laura makes handmade jewelry. Russ is a photographer familiar to many people here in Long Beach.

Early in the trip, Russ and Laura traveled as far as the Canadian border, and they visited Laura’s mom in Oregon.

Jenny and Katie saw them off at the start of their journey. That was a sad-happy moment in front of Denny’s on Long Beach Blvd… August, 2009.

Could YOU set out on a long-distance cycling adventure?  Before leaving, Laura and Russ boxed and sold off many of their worldly possessions, with all the emotions that doing that entails. The apartment on Appleton was cleaned out; no more rent.

Many friends in Long Beach spent time with Laura and Russ before they departed. Perhaps our hugs and best wishes help them along their way.

What kinds of adventures are YOU making out of YOUR life?